Monthly Faves – Monthly Playlist, Harry Styles, Netflix Weather and More


Tomorrow is October 1st. I know, I can’t believe it either. Where has the year gone?

It’s usually around this time of the year that my wish to live in America presents itself more strongly than the rest of the year. I mean, it’s autumn. Halloween is just a month away. Then it’s Thanksgiving, which I have always loved to be a part of. Then it’s Christmas (only 86 sleeps to go!), which involves snow in many places – something I have yet to experience in general, let alone at Christmas time! One day….I will go and it will be fantastic.

Today has been a very wintery day, although it’s officially spring. It’s been raining and windy for the past 3 days, with forecasts predicting it will be continuing over our long weekend. Perfect Netflix weather, I say. Especially with a new month tomorrow meaning new Netflix additions!

In the spirit of the approaching Halloween season, I’ve been watching Scream Queens season 1 which is hilarious and not really that scary at all. It’s created by Ryan Murphy who created Glee, so if you liked the edgy humor from Glee, you should enjoy Scream Queens! I love the costumes which the Chanels wear as well as the 80s soundtrack. Also, Emma Roberts deserves awards for playing Chanel Oberlin – she is so good!

Image result for scream queens

Also on my current watchlist as been The Vampire Diaries (Stelena 4eva), UnReal TV and Full House (I know it’s cheesy, but we all need a bit of cheese, don’t you think?). Not to mention numerous Netflix documentaries about space and the universe.

So, we all know Harry Styles is gorgeous, but have you seen his photoshoots for Another Man magazine which came out this week? The man is giving Kendall and Gigi a run for their money.



So many more pics out there, but you get the idea: he is a model.

Then, last night I randomly woke up at 1am to see other One Direction alumni Niall Horan just released his first solo single called This Town which is absolutely beautiful, simple yet incredibly touching…

I really wish all of the 1D boys all the best with whatever they choose to do during their hiatus, I just adore all of them so much!

Speaking of music, here’s this month’s playlist:

Shawn Mendes released his new album Illuminate last week and it’s very John Mayer/Ed Sheeran-y. But with a Mendes twist. I think Shawn is one of the best young artists out there at the moment and if Illuminate is what we get for a second album, I can’t wait to see how great he’s going to be in years to come!

Another fave of mine for this month has been cross-stitching. Yes, I am a 70 year old woman trapped inside the body of a twentysomething year old woman! I’m working on a cross-stitch design for my Nonna, which I hope to frame and give to her either on her birthday or for a Christmas gift (depending on how quickly I get it done!). I love how relaxing crafting can be after a stressful day at work.

On my food faves list has to be burrito bowls. We had a new health food store open in our town this month and they make the BEST burrito bowls. Just…to die for.


I’m in love!


I’d love to know what have been your favourite things this month!

Let me know in the comments area below.

Until next time,


Have You Seen ‘The Wrong Girl’ Yet? | TV Talk

I want to preface this blog by apologizing yet again for my absence over these past few weeks. Life was hectic and although I continued to feel inspired to write, I just didn’t have the time to write.  But I’m back and I’m here to hopefully convince you to tune into a brand new Aussie TV dramedy next Wednesday at 8:30pm. 

'The Breakfast Bar' team. Sunrise or The Today Show have nothing on these guys.

‘The Breakfast Bar’ team. Sunrise or The Today Show have nothing on these guys.

The Wrong Girl premiered on TEN last night and it was one of my favourite first episides of a new series that I have seen in YEARS. Adapted from Zoe Foster Blake’s novel of the same name, The Wrong Girl is everything I have been needing in my life from a TV series – humor and heart.

Image result for the wrong girl book

Zoe Foster Blake’s best selling novel has become a bright, fun new Aussie dramedy series.



To give you a short overview of the series (without giving anything away), The Wrong Girl follows morning TV show The Breakfast Bar producer Lily Woodward (played by the perfect Jessica Marais – this woman can do no wrong) as she navigates her way through life’s ups and downs.

With her for the ride are her best friends Pete and Simone, who are there to support Lily when her attempts at making advances in her career turn to dust and she tries to get on the good side of Jack Winters, a charismatic chef who has been offered a segment on The Breakfast Bar but quickly turned it down after a jokingly-rude email written by Simone is accidentally sent from Lily’s phone.

Then there is the tension between Lily and BFF Pete, who may or may not want to take their friendship to a different level (there may be a kiss that helps them decide this), with disastrous results. Not to mention Lily’s parents who seem to have her best interests at heart, but can’t seem to get along with each other even for one dinner.

What I loved about the premiere episode was it introduced Lily as a character who was incredibly relatable. Lily is goofy yet incredibly driven to succeed. She loves her friends, yet won’t back down during a fight. I saw a lot of myself in the character of Lily, as I am sure many viewers did.

For a first episode (which we all know can sometimes fall by the wayside at times), the performances and plot have really impressed me and I know that I will definitely be tuning in next week for more.

You can catch last night’s episode of The Wrong Girl on the TenPlay app (trailer below).

Make sure you tune in for episode 2 next Wednesday at 8:30pm (after The Bachelorette) on TEN.

I’ll see you then!


June Favourites


Can you believe that June is basically over?! We are half way through 2016, people – NOBODY. PANIC!

I’m still getting over Christmas, and before we know it, it will be time for Santa again. I honestly believe time gets faster as you get older. That’s something I don’t like to think about.

ANYWAY, here we are again – Faves Time.

Just like last month, I don’t have that much to share with you all, however, these few bits and pieces have made my June that little bit better.

Firstly, here are some new earrings I purchased from my favourite site for cheap-ish jewellery/accessories


I recently went to a friend’s kitchen tea/bridal shower (what is the official name of those parties these days?) and I was bedazzled by another friend’s earrings which I just had to have. So I got them…along with 4 other pairs.

I actually don’t know the official name of these types of earrings, but after Googling ‘Ball-Backed Earrings‘, I found lots of pics of stylish celebs wearing the trend. Basically, they’re designed so the backing of the earring is a large ball and the actual stud is smaller, creating a cool style also modelled by the gorgeous Emma Watson here:


I thought they were a bit different, yet still quite elegant-looking and they look great with many different outfits.

Next are some makeup purchases I splurged on recently.


I had heard about the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD liquid foundations for quite sometime leading up to my purchase of it. As an avid YouTube Beauty Guru fan, I have seen countless reviews on this product and it’s miracle-like skin covering abilities.

Now, I’m not going to lie – I have horrible skin. Since I was a pre-teen I have suffered from severe acne, which thankfully calmed down over time (touch wood). For a foundation to work for me, it needs to provide medium to heavy coverage without actually looking like I’m wearing much makeup. Hard, yes. Doable? Definitely. Over the years, through trial and error, I have found a select few foundations which I can wear which cover my acne/scaring, leave my skin appearing smooth and oil-free for 8+ hours and don’t take multiple layers of application to look suitable.

This is one of the foundations which I will be adding to the list.

Making sure to use a makeup primer first, I’ve been wearing this foundation for the past fortnight along with concealer and powder and have managed to get through my work days with little oil and no cakey-ness (new word there) to my face. I usually touch up with some powder after lunch, but other than that, it’s really wonderful and I recommend it!

Another beauty fave is what I have seen some as calling the Holy Grail of highlighting powders.


The BECCA/Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in shade Champagne Pop is…magical.

Highlighters are all the rage and have become a beauty staple since contouring became more popular over the past few years. I’ve always struggled to find a highlighting powder which doesn’t have extra colour to it, sometimes making my skin appear pinker or white.

This powder comes in a beautiful golden shade which looks amazing when applied to the cheekbones, cupids bow, brow bones and the bridge of the nose. The best thing is that only a little is needed to get the glory look you desire – which is especially great, seeing as it’s not cheap.

I think this powder would even be great if mixed into your tinted moisturiser for a really luminous, natural glow (I remembered it’s Summer overseas, lucky ducks!).

Onto entertainment faves, this is a show that I’m sure many Aussies have been catching up on over the past month.


Offspring is an Australian dreamed set around doctor Nina and her family/friends/lovers. The show is comedic, but also has so much heart, it’s hard not to fall in love with the cast!

There were 5 seasons of this show, with a 2 year break. The very exciting thing is that Offspring is returning for a 6th season, tomorrow night at 8:30pm on Channel Ten!

Something else that many Aussies as well as the rest of the world have probably discovered over the past month is the book Me Before You.


The film adaptation of this book was released this month to mixed reviews and before I see the film, I decided to read the book.

The story is about a woman named Louisa who is suddenly left jobless and takes on a job of caring for a young quadriplegic man named Will who seems stubborn and resentful at first, but eventually he forms a bond with Louisa.

It’s a love story with serious subject matter, and I cried while reading it. It was beautifully written and I cannot wait to see the movie! (I need to remember to bring a tissue box with me, though!)

Final June fave item is my monthly Spotify playlist which includes the tracks which were the soundtrack to my month.

There are some radio-staples which you may have heard being played on a loop, along with some lesser-known tracks which have made their way into my music-adoring heart:

Also, Adele’s album 25 is now also on Spotify, so if you haven’t heard it, you definitely need to check that one out!

Well, that’s all from me for this month.

Thanks for sticking with me through another post and for visiting my blog! Your support and feedback is always encouraged.

What are your favourite items from June? Let me know below!

Until next time,


What Would Carrie Say?

We all have a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw within us. The woman who is a hopeless romantic, but also incredibly weary of her heart. The woman who relies on her close girlfriends to get through life’s heartbreaks. The woman who would much rather buy a new pair of shoes than save money for rent…we all have been one of those women.

Carrie spoke many words of wisdom during Sex and the City’s 6 season run. Although we didn’t agree with everything she said, her words and life experience still resonates with women everywhere. Because even though it was ‘just a show’ and Carrie was ‘just a character’…the words were real. The words still belong to all of us.

large (1)

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large (10)

large (11)

large (12)

large (13)

large (14)


Life Lessons With Lauren Conrad

I have a confession to make: I have recently been re-watching the iconic late 00’s reality series ‘The Hills’ after work each day. Yes, I agree that the show was clearly scripted at times and downright tacky other times…but there’s no better feeling than watching supposed ‘reality’ show about pretty people who’s lives seem to have much more drama than my own. I like to throw a glass of wine in the mix to really enjoy what is definitely one of my guilty pleasures!

One of my favourite things about ‘The Hills’ is the amount of times main star Lauren Conrad has said something, followed by a resounding “YES, GIRL!” from me on my couch. No wonder the woman has become an entrepreneurial megastar – she seems to know exactly what I am thinking!

Lauren had so many memorable one-liners (or, as I like to call them, Life Lessons) from “The Hills” and I thought I would share them with you:









I feel like Lauren is that girl that everyone goes to for relationship advice, but never really had a proper relationship each time she was asked – probably because she was so focused on her other friends’ drama!

Thankfully Lauren got married last year – true love DOES find us all eventually!