How Reading My Teenage Diary Helped Me With Self Acceptance


It’s amazing what reminiscing about the past can do for your current self.

Over the weekend, in between cleaning, I came across my collection of diaries/journals I kept from age 10-21. I used them to write about anything and everything. From the boys I had a crush on, to my thoughts on friends/family and the moments in my life which caused me great heartache or joy. I guess I’ve always loved to write.

Reading entries from 10 year old me to 21 year old me, it became incredibly apparent to me how much I have grown as a person. Of course, 10 year old me would be different to 26 year old me, that’s kind of a given (and a hope). The thing that surprised me was just how much I have matured from 21-26. How my views on life/love have changed. Most importantly, how my views on myself have changed. Reading diary entries from my 20 year old self was almost as if I was reading writing from someone else.

I feel like my most important years for growth (so far) have been ages 18-22. When high school ended and I began working, trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I began drifting away from certain friends and also making new ones. I also experienced some extremely happy times and some incredibly sad times between those ages. They were years I think many people will agree were formative and although some days were tough to get through, I now realise, looking back, that I needed those days and those years to move closer to self acceptance.

18 year old me honestly believed she needed to find love and get married/have babies by the time she was 25-30. 26 year old me is single and although she’d love to find love, marriage/babies is the furthest thing from her mind. 20 year old me was so content with finding a job which she could do forever. 26 year old me realises not all jobs are meant to last for years and even the ones you only get to work at for a few months will teach you something about people and a lot about yourself.

19 year old me was so hurt by people she didn’t even know. She was so intent on pleasing everyone and fixing everybody’s problems, even when they didn’t necessarily need her to help. 26 year old me has (only recently) realised that she cannot help anyone without first helping herself and loving herself/taking herself to the best of her ability.

Then there’s Teenage Me. I don’t even know where to start with her! I will say that when you’re 14, friends mean everything to you and in a different way than they do in adulthood. 14 year old me trusted people so easily, confided in the wrong people and got her heart broken by ‘friends’ who were honestly probably just as selfish as she was. 26 year old me still trusts people too easily, but knows when to keep her mouth shut regarding things she doesn’t want the world knowing about. She may not have as many friends as she did in high school (who does though?) but the ones she does have would be there for her at the drop of a hat.

The person I used to be, or the people I used to be, all lead me to be the woman I am today. No matter how embarrassing some of my old diary entries are – let me tell you, there are doozies – they truly remind me how far I have come in life and how much I have learned about myself and my capabilities as an individual over the years.

Usually I talk about moving forward and keeping the past in the past. I still think that this is an important way to get through life’s struggles, but sometimes it’s important to look back and marvel at how far you’ve come. Read an old diary, look through scrapbooks, smile at old photos and even read old letters from friends you may have forgotten you had. Then, turn your attention back to the You of today and hopefully you’ll see how far you’ve come and how much more you have left to achieve for yourself.

Sometimes, in order to continue down the path of self-acceptance, we need to look behind us every now and then.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, don’t you agree? Did you keep a diary/journal as a teen? How have you changed through the years?

Keep growing,


Legally Blonde Turns 15 – Life Lessons From Elle Woods

Unless you haven’t been on social media over the past 24 hours, you’ve probably seen that today marks 15th anniversary of chick-flick Legally Blonde.


The film has become a modern classic, cementing the career of Reese Witherspoon and spawning a sequel (Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde) as well as a successful Broadway musical of the same name. The character of Elle Woods also became somewhat of an icon to women who wanted to achieve things that may have seemed just too far out of reach.


Reese Witherspoon (Elle Woods) has been tweeting fans of the film as well as showing her personal collection of costumes from the film, which she has kept safe over time.

So, what lessons have we learned from Elle Woods over the past 15 years?

Well, there are many lessons to be learnt from Legally Blonde, especially for women:


  • Believe In Yourself



  • Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover



  • Exercise Is Good For Your Mood


  • Friendships > Boys



  • Pink Is Always Hip



  • Realise Your Worth And Do Not Compromise It

elle woods


  • Cosmo Is Bible



  • The ‘Bend And Snap’ Works Every Time



Basically, Elle Woods was and still is an icon for all women wanting to achieve their dreams, no matter how big they are. Elle proved that with determination, a sense of self and friends who push you to do better, it’s possible to do anything!


What’s your favourite Legally Blonde quote?


10 Weekend Getaway Travel Essentials

Weekend Getaway Essentials


Firstly, I want to begin this post by saying that I had it all typed up and ready to be published, but I then pressed an unknown button and the whole thing disappeared without saving. Needless to say, it’s been a stressful morning. So, I am hoping version number 2 will read just as good as what I had planned initially!


What I wanted to tell you was that I am going away with friends this weekend for a bachelorette party and as I started to write my list of what to pack (something I’ve done since I was a kid), I thought I would make a post on my essential items.

So, without anymore ado, here are 10 packing essentials for your next weekend away:



An important lesson I have learned over the years is that if you think you may need a certain medication, you should take it with you. Just because you’re only going somewhere for the weekend, doesn’t mean you won’t need the medications you usually take. Skipping your usual medications won’t do your body any good in the long run. Pack what you need in a zip-lock bag, along with your band-aids (see below) so that they are all together in one spot. In the same vein as medications, I usually some multivitamins or Berocca to give me energy for the weekend.


Spare Underwear

I don’t think I need to go into too much detail with this one. But, as women, accidents can occur and spare underwear is always good to have packed just incase. Also, if in the event you and your friends are feeling extra adventurous and decide to stay another night, you’ve got an extra pair of undies at your disposal! Better than washing an old pair in a bathroom sink (although, that works too!).



You will regret not packing them when you get back to your hotel after a night out wearing those new heels you bought. No band-aids usually means blisters. Also, it’s just really safe to have some on hand incase you or a friend gets a cut or scrape.


Ear Plugs

If you ever went to a sleepover as a teen and lied awake in your sleeping bag all night because of the unfamiliar noises surrounding you, earplugs are the way to go. They’re cheap and you can buy them in different thicknesses, depending on the level of silence you’re comfortable with at night. Sharing a room with a friend, or being away from the usual comforts of home makes it hard to sleep sometimes, it’s best if you drown things out so you can have a good night’s sleep.



Load up your iPod with all your favourite tunes and connect it to the car as your journey starts. The amount of roadtrips I’ve been on where the first half hour was spent finding a radio station to listen to, or trying to connect someone’s phone to listen to music through the car is one too many. Create a playlist the night before with some classics (90s pop is a fave amongst my friends!) so you’re ready to press play as soon as the engine starts.



Because we all have that one friend who always forgets to bring a jacket or cardigan on holidays…okay, I am that friend. But I have learned my lesson! No matter how hot the weather forecast says it will be, there are no guarantees!


Hair Ties/Clips

I have come to the conclusion that hair ties and hair clips are magical because they constantly seem to disappear into thin air. No matter where I go, I always pack a spare hair tie and some clips in the zipper of my handbag or in my clutch for a night out. You just never know how windy it’s going to get, or how sweaty your face will be after a big night out.


Eye Cream

You may have only slept 2 hours last night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t trick your under-eyes into thinking it was actually 8. Gel eye creams work wonders for tired eyes, and help brighten dark circles.



Because it’s winter here in Australia, socks is one of the first items that goes on my list. For the evenings back at your hotel, watching movies with your mates, socks keep your tootsies warm and protect them from getting dirty on hotel floors. They’re also great to pop on if you’re feeling cold!



Perhaps this isn’t as important now that most phones can take high-quality snaps, but it’s still fun to experiment with digital cameras or even polaroid cameras (they’re back in a big way, incase you missed it) and capture moments to last a lifetime. Something fun you could do is print your photos and give copies to your friends at Christmas time as a thoughtful, memory-filled gift.


Take lots of photos, stay safe and enjoy every minute of your trip. The older we get, the less we usually get to travel with friends, so make the most of it!

I would love to know what your essential travel items are! Comment below!



Never Stop Feeling


It’s so hard to remain true to ourselves some days.

Just when we feel like we’ve grown up enough to be okay with the person we are and the personality we embody, this year especially seems to have tried to harden us up more than we possibly ask to be.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who grew up as a relatively shy, quiet child and had comments from family and friends alike on how ‘soft’ and ‘gentle’ I was right through my teen years. Truth be told, I never took the comments as an insult, if they were intended that way. The way I was raised definitely connects to who I am today and how I possibly come across to others personality-wise.

But I realise that others aren’t as lucky as I was. There are children out there being told to toughen up, speak louder and be the boss more than they want to. There are little girls and boys who just want to sit on the sidelines and are actually content in doing so. Teenagers who would rather go to a soccer game and cheer from the sidelines, than actually play the game. It saddens me that sometimes the world can be so heavy on us and these young people change who they are to either fit in with friends or to stop ridicule from their own family/friends.

It’s so hard to be yourself in a world where so much is happening every single day. With new tragedy being reported on our televisions/phones/computers 24/7. It’s almost as if the world wants us to harden up and just accept that we need to let these horrible events roll off our shoulders and be desensitised to it all.

That scares me. What will people be like in 10 years time if we become so used to tragedy? Will we just post a photo on Instagram and then get on with our days, knowing there are people living through horror?

The point of this post is to really reiterate the fact that it’s okay to feel. It’s okay to be affected by the death of a celebrity, or a terror attack in a foreign country, or the news of mistreatment of animals by humans, or anything else that makes you feel something.

It is okay to be emotional about someone or something that doesn’t directly affect you. It is okay to express that emotion by writing about it, or talking about it with people who you are close to. We shouldn’t have to keep the things that cause us heartache to ourselves. Because although some things may not affect some, they can affect others incredibly deeply.

Don’t lose your softness. Feel things. Express yourself. No matter how old you get – it’s okay to be who you truly want to be and not who others expect you to be.

Stay true to yourselves and feel everything. The world is so much more than what we turn our backs to every day.